The Darrelle Revis At Logan Blog Was Clearly Just A Test To See How Stupid People Think I Am




Let me say this loud and clear.   Anybody who thinks that I, your leader, the man who basically invented the internet could be fooled by the same exact Michael Vick spotted at Logan trick twice is a MORON.  Come on!  Obviously I knew it as a bad photoshop.  How did I know for sure?  Because I told Milmore to make it.   It was just a quick IQ test to see how much I need to keep dumbing down my jokes for the masses.  Frankly I don’t know whether to laugh or cry that so many people fell for it?  I mean people really think Davey Pageviews is that stupid?  Let me give you a little life lesson.  You don’t build internet empires falling for the Michael Vick at Logan airport routine twice.   Maybe JMac would but not me.  Even fucking Sales Guy, that dope, called me to tell me it’s a fake.  Regardless I did get a kick out of the rest of the internet.   And no that wasn’t my intent to have this go viral.  It was an inside joke with our readers.  After all the rest of the internet refuses to admit they read us so how could they fall victim to it?


1. Deadspin

Barstool Junior who claims they don’t read Barstool and barely know what it is somehow manged to mention us for the first time this year literally 5 seconds after I posted it to say it was fake.  Pretty quick reaction from guys who have never heard of us.  Oh and Barry the only reason I put that disgusting watermark on it was so  simpletons like yourself would walk face first into an uppercut just like you did.  I have real estate in your brain and you don’t even know it.  Remember Deadspin you don’t trap me!  I trap you!



2. Revis’s agent chiming in saying it was a hoax



Not much to say on this one.  He obviously didn’t know the back history so had no reason to realize it was an inside joke.


3.  Jermaine Wiggins



This was a great one.  Jermaine Wiggins and his anonymous sources saying Revis was at Logan.   Boston Media 101.  Let’s wait to see what Barstool posts and then race to pass it off as our own.  Kind of bit Wiggy in the ass this time.  Unless he had different people trolling him at the same exact moment I pressed publish on my blog.  Oh well.


4. Nice Little Shoutout From The NFL Network.


Hey a little free pub never hurt anybody.   Moral of the story.   Everybody reads the Stool.   They only mention us when they think we’ve fucked up.   But everybody reads it whether they want to admit it or not.