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Time To Create The Ultimate "Fuck You Cancer" Playlist









Reader Email

Hey guys,

My buddy was diagnosed on Christmas day with leukemia. He has been putting up an unbelievable fight but has been pretty down lately. I was wondering if someone from the barstool crew could tweet at him saying something like “Heard your a tough bastard keep it up”. His twitter is @TheRealLynchMob. He is a Milton guy ,lives legit 1 minute from your office, and a huge stoolie. I’d appreciate it, and I know he definitely would, as this has been the roughest year of his life.

Thanks guys,


Ok so I got this email last night.  Dude is a Stoolie through and through. Just keeping his sense of humor while dealing with this shit. I also noticed that one of his tweets said “Music is getting me through this treatment” so it hit me that we needed to put together the ultimate “Fuck You Cancer” playlist.




Challenge accepted.  I asked all our writers for suggestions. Here is what I got so far. I’m trying to take this bro on a musical journey. I’m not sure what I think about super sad songs? Like Smitty gave me stuff that made me want to jump out a window. I don’t think that’s what we’re looking for. Anyway here is what I got right now. It’s probably an A+, but we need an A++.