Liberty The Dog Saves Owner From Fire In Providence



ABC – A dog is being credited with saving his owner’s life. The homeowners say if their dog Liberty had not woken up a 50-year-old man while his mattress burned, he may have been killed. Liberty licked the mans face while he slept waking him up. There were no working smoke detectors in the home. According to fire officials, the man was sleeping when his computer overheated and started the fire around 4:30 Wednesday morning. Firefighter say the man escaped with minor burns. The dog was uninjured.

Monster dog day today.  Monster.   Here we got Liberty just doing the damn thing. I’m sure a cat would do the same exact thing in this situation with the small exception that the cat would have set the fire, drugged the man so he couldn’t wake up, locked the door, and watched the house burn to the ground while he drank champagne on the front lawn out of this guys favorite coffee mug.

PS – Would it have killed the photographer to give Liberty a 1…2….3…Cheese!  I mean it looks like Liberty didn’t even know he was about to get his picture taken.   A lesser man would be pretty pissed about that.