Man Shatters the Record For Most Walnuts Cracked With His Head In A Minute



SKY - A martial arts expert has broken a world record by cracking 155 walnuts with his head in just one minute. Mohammad Rashid set the new record at the Punjab Youth Festival in Lahore, Pakistan. He beat the previous record of 44 walnuts, held by an American. The world record was one of several set at the festival.


Saying Mohammad Rashid broke the record for the most walnuts ever cracked with his head is like the biggest insult of all time.   Mohammad didn’t break the record.  He SHATTERED it.   I mean the previous title was 44 walnuts.  This maniac cracked 155 walnuts.   He obliterated it.   My question is where has this bro been for the past 10 years on the walnut cracking circuit?  Like how does a guy this good come out of nowhere?   Was he just sitting around his shanti with a smirk on his face knowing anytime he felt like stepping forward and snatching the walnut title he could?   And how about this guy giving him the “hurry up” gesture?   Really dude?   He broke the record by 100 walnuts.   I think the record is safe.  Hell I don’t even know if I could smash 150 marshmallows in a minute.   Fuck now I have to try.   Wish I didn’t say that.

PS – Even though it said this video was a minute long in the description it was still stunning to see how long he cracked walnuts for.  Felt like an eternity.