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Islanders Have More Wins Than The Giants, Jets, Knicks and Nets Combined

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The class of New York. The one shining light. Yea the Rangers are coming off a Cup appearance but its like nobody even cares about that anymore since the Isles have burst on the scene. They’ve been that exciting. That promising. That GOOD. 15 wins in the first 21 games of the year for the first time in team history. Not bad considering we’re talking about a franchise that won 4 straight Stanley Cups. Now, granted, you have to adjust that total for overtime wins and shootout wins since OT didnt exist during some of those dynasty seasons, but nonetheless this is still one of the best starts in franchise history. They are HUMMIN.

Your boy Norman Esiason was on WFAN this morning just spitting venom at the Isles. Grasping at straws complaining about attendance. Saying their Monday night game against the Flyers wasnt a sell out and thats disgraceful. We talkin bout attendance, man. Not the game. Not the game. We talkin bout attendance. Out of all the sports arguments in this city, the attendance argument is the worst. You think I give a SHIT how many other people root for my teams? I don’t care if me and Mr. Met are the only two Mets fans in existence. I dont care one shred how full the stadium is. The Little Brother franchises will always be less popular and there’s nothing we can do about it. If 75% of kids wanna grow up as a front runner rooting for the Giants/Yankees/I guess Rangers, let em. I dont want em anyway. Plus Nassau Coliseum is perhaps the biggest, albeit lovable, dump in the country and its about half way across the Atlantic with no accessible mass transit. Because some people would rather sit in the comfort of their own home and watch rather than hike out there has nothing to do with whether or not they are big fans. Sure, I wish everyone painted their faces and attended every game but in 2014 thats just not realistic.

And to be honest, its not even about the number attending games. Its about WHO attends games. Now I know I’m a bandwagon fan, so I’m not speaking for myself here, but I’m speaking for the life long fans out on the Island. 9,000 Islander faithful rocking the Barn is a WAY better atmosphere than an MSG sellout. The Coliseum could be at 50% and the Garden could be at capacity and you’d have the same number of true diehard fans there. I dont give a shit if 6,000 extra seats are filled by corporate suits and bougie pricks. You know how many times people take their clients out to Islanders games try to talk business? You know how many times you’ve got Isles fans eating sushi and drinking fancy cocktails? Fucking never. The people who are at the Barn consistently are there for Islanders hockey and to cheer their asses off. None of the other shit. I’ll take that any day over sell outs filled with fugazi fans.

The Barn may be crappy. And yea, sometimes it may be half empty. But its loud as fuck and its our Barn. Don’t worry about the Coliseum, Boomer. Isles fans are doing just fine right about now.