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I Could Watch This Paparzzi Lawer Get Dominated By The Biebs All Day Long


Love it! You don’t interrogate the Biebs! The Biebs interrogates you!  I’d be stunned if Selena wasn’t under the table just giving Biber the meanest blowjob of all time during this thing. Just so turned on by his arrogant bad boy attitude.  I know I am. “That’s a film? That’s a film????” Oh and if you’re not rooting for Bieber here you’re an asshole. It’s him vs. the Paparazzi. Like yeah he fucking attacks them. That’s what they get for shoving a camera down his throat everywhere he goes.  There is nothing worse than scumbag Paparazzi. They are the lowest of the low.  If you want to take his  picture fine.  Just don’t cry to me when Biebs beats you within an inch of your life.  You mess with the bull you get the horns.  Mean mug em Biebs!  Mean mug em!



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