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Scalpers Selling Tonight's Free Tickets To The Bills/Jets Game For $125

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YahooWell, you knew this was going to happen. The NFL moved the Buffalo Bills-New York Jets game to Detroit on Monday night because of heavy snowfall in the Buffalo area, then wisely decided to give away tickets to the game for free. The gambit paid off; the tickets sold out online in a matter of hours. And then came the scalpers. The tickets are on sale on ebay in the range of $50-$75 per ticket, though at least one sold for $100. (Why would one person buy a hundred-dollar ticket? The mind boggles.)

Alright here’s the deal – is it a little scummy to profit off these free tickets when the NFL and everyone are simply just trying to do the right thing and accommodate these teams when the city of Buffalo has been basically destroyed in basically whats amounting to a natural disaster? Yes, yes it is a little bit. On the flip side is this the United States of America where there is supply and demand and a market for just about anything of value? Of course. NFL tickets are one of the hottest commodities out there and to expect that nobody would try and profit off of this is just insane.

But the real issue here is that anyone who’s really itching to go see the Jets play the Bills in fucking Detroit is one masochistic asshole who probably deserves to pay $125. They probably want to pay $125. Like not only do they want to punish themselves and watch this game tonight, they probably want to pay out of their asshole for it too. Because thats just the type of person that would actually be looking forward to seeing this game. I mean really look at it. The Jets. The Bills. The city of Detroit. That is the most depressing Mad Libs matchup I can possibly imagine. Maybe they can just run the Sarah McLachlan “I Will Remember You” animal shelter commercial on the Jumbotron all night and really make this the most hopeless, joyless event we’ve ever witnessed. I’m not even looking forward to watching it on my TV in the comfort of my own home. Imagine wanting to go out to Ford Field? For sure not.

So bottom line is if thats the sort of thing you really wanna go see, then you’re probably a glutton for punishment and would gladly pay the money. There’s always a market and always an opportunity to take advantage of losers and suckers. And when we’re talking about Jets fans, Bills fans, and the city of Detroit, there’s plenty of that to go around.