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Reader Email - Should Amherst Cops Be Shooting Tear Gas Through 3rd Story Windows?


Reader Email

A video of UMASS police shooting at us through a 3rd story window. Paint balls were tear gas/oc spray or something. They shot through the glass in the window. I had to trim the video so I could export it from the app so that is why it has that shitty “Cute Cut for iPad” thing.



This kind of goes along with the last blog I just wrote.  This is the problem I have with the way Umass handles the Blarney Blowout.  It really feels like it’s an us vs. them type of situation. It’s like Palestine vs. Israel. Every video I see and story I hear involves the riot police escalating the situation not defusing it.  Like why are people throwing bottles and being assholes?  Because the Cops are acting like they are invading Nazi Germany.  Again I don’t condone throwing shit or being a dickhead, but for every cop action there is a reaction.  I’m honestly not sure they understand that yet. There is just nothing to gain shooting tear gas pellets through windows of people already inside.