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Isles Kick Off A Pivotal Home And Home With The Penguins



Its about as close to a playoff matchup you can get this early in the season, folks. We may only 18 games into the season, but this home and home can define the Isles season right now. Its a chance to make a big statement that they are the clear cut competition for the Penguins in the Metro. A chance let Crosby and the rest of Pittsburgh that the Islanders are the real deal. Establish a rivalry because the Islanders are here to stay atop this division.

Take these 2 games and the Islanders could take off. Never look back. Yea they could end up 1st place in the Metro but its more than that. Winning a mini playoff series like this can affect this team in the long term. Give them that confidence that this 12-6 beginning to the season isn’t just a “hot start” fluke. Prove to themselves and the rest of the hockey world that this team is elite.

Its go time. Lets fucking do this.