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The Best Of Black Twitter Gallery Is Tremendous



“Kanye head look like the F-Zero Speed Ramp”


“thats no excuse for her hairline to look like its bout to lose in tetris”

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Full Gallery:

You all know my thoughts on Black Twitter. Its the most entertaining thing on the internet. Its better than Barstool. Its like a shade below porn. In between all the “bruhs,” “no chills,” “midas whales” and crying emojis is the funniest shit you can read. Sometimes its intentional, sometimes its unintentional, but black people are just so much funnier than white people. I have a theory that being able to casually drop N bombs in your tweets and jokes ups the funniness by like 1 or 2 points but in general they are just infinitely funnier than white people. Like this blog will be the perfect example – all the white people commenting will make jokes about not having dads and jobs and shit. All those same lame trite jokes. Meanwhile Black Twitter is calling Kanye’s head the F Zero Ramp and talking about haunted pussies. Just too goddam funny.