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Insane Study That I Refuse To Believe: Lenny Dykstra Was Better Than Ken Griffey Junior

I also did the math and still can't believe this checks out so let me repeat it. 

Ken Griffey accumulated 83.8 WAR in 2,671 games and 11,304 plate appearances.

WAR per 162 games = 5.1

WAR per 600 plate appearances = 4.4

Lenny Dykstra accumulated 42.5 WAR in 1,278 games and 5,282 plate appearances, most of them drunk

WAR per 162 games = 5.4

WAR per 600 plate appearances = 4.8

Lenny fuckin Dykstra. Barstool fan favorite and absolute hell on wheels at the ballpark. People forget that he was objectively amazing. largely due to overshadowing substance abuse and related fallout. 

But man could he play baseball. That 93 Phillies team had some of the best mullets in MLB history. Mitch Williams, Mickey Morandini, Kruk, Terry Mullholland. Even Schilling had a little mudflap going back then

That was when you could do cocaine and still play leftfield without it being a huge deal. Guys had balls and slid headfirst and weren't occupied with their shoelace color or if they'll get a twitter strike for violating media policy. They were worried about real strikes and real balls. It was a real "Spikes Up" time as some of my esteemed colleagues would say. And it would be great if we could start trending back towards that time.