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NFL Draft OL Prospect Isaiah Wilson Played Quarterback in High School and That Is Terrifying

Many college and NFL skill position players played quarterback in high school because it's just easy for high school coaches to take guys that are that talented and put the ball in their hands and have them do whatever they're going to do with it.

But an offensive lineman?

This is the first time I've seen that. I can only imagine being one of those poor 5'10", 175-pound linebackers standing at the goal line waiting for that freight train to come rolling through. This is a guy who flattened SEC defensive linemen for two years after redshirting and is going to be one of the top offensive linemen taken in the NFL Draft.

I've seen Jadeveon Clowney play running back in high school and that's the only thing that looks scarier than Isaiah Wilson coming at you from the wildcat.

Those poor kids about an equal shot at stopping Clowney as they did Wilson out of the shotgun. Neither of those guys was going down.

We need more 6'7", 340-pound SEC offensive line prospects lining up at quarterback. Make high school football fun again.