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Maine Man Arrested, Receives OUI For Drunkenly Driving His Lawnmower


AUGUSTA, Maine — Augusta Police shared this photo on their Facebook page.

It shows to police cruisers pulled up behind a lawnmower on the side of the road.

Police say the man that had been riding the lawnmower was arrested and charged with an OUI.

Police say in the post, while it's actually not uncommon to make an arrest on a lawnmower for an OUI, rarely do they see cases like this in the winter. 

What a sight this must've been. The main question I have about this whole thing is….why a lawnmower? There's actually no pros to driving a lawnmower instead of a car. I'd prefer if this man just didn't get drunk and operate any type of vehicle but I'm just puzzled as to why he took the mower. 

This must've been quite the sight to see. I'm not kidding when I say I'd do anything to see this police encounter. It must've been all-time watching this police officer struggling to pull over some guy who is probably shirtless and has a bottle of jack leaking all over his air monarchs. You know, classic dad stuff.

The thought of the police driving down the road, coming up behind this menace on his John Deere, and being absolutely flabbergasted by the events that are transpiring just kills me. The picture of the cop car next to the lawnmower is already preposterous, let alone watching it all actually transpire. 

This was one of the more shocking things I've read:

Although it’s not uncommon to make an arrest on a lawnmower for an OUI, it has been known to happen from tome to time.

What?! You're telling me this is a common occurrence? People are just getting hammered and going on lawnmower joy rides? 

Now that I've read it, I kind of understand it, it makes sense. I could totally see a handful of dads who maybe cracked a couple before the pleasure of mowing their lawns. Everyone here knows that at least 84% of these OUIs are just doled out to Dads who had one too many whilst tending to their precious lawn. Beer and landscaping goes together like tomato soup and grilled cheese. Perfectly. I will say, that OUI must be a hard one to explain to the family and co-workers. 

"Yeah, so basically, I just had a zillion IPAs before trimming the grass and I paid the price for it."

Yikes. It must be the worst conversation to have with anyone. I couldn't handle the embarrassment that comes with that. Hopefully, this man learned his lesson and won't cause any more havoc on the streets.