Michelle Beadle Goes Crawling Back To ESPN On Her Hands And Knees



Awful announcing – Michelle Beadle left Bristol in a highly publicized move to the peacock in 2012 and was the biggest talent acquisition for the young NBC Sports Network. But as The Crossover struggled to produce ratings and was ultimately canceled, Beadle’s relationship with NBC Sports broke down in one of the most stunning and ugly divorces in sports broadcasting. Beadle won’t leave the NBC corporate family completely as she’ll continue her entertainment work at Access Hollywood while doing sports at ESPN.

If ESPN could suck their own dicks I bet they would. Like Michelle Beadle thought she was the cat’s meow. All high and mighty getting her own show on NBC Sports.  Unfortunately for her literally zero people watched it. Maybe negative zero if that’s a real number. I mean Fox Sports 1 seems popular compared to the Crossover. So what does she do after failing miserably? She gets on her hands and knees and crawls back to ESPN groveling for her old job back. ESPN puts her on their knee, spanks her and rehires her. But now she knows her role. She has no leverage for the rest of her life because she and ESPN and the rest of the world know that she’s nothing without those four letters. It’s the same thing that we’ve seen with every single chick who thinks their shit don’t stink when they leave ESPN. Blonde sports chicks are irreplaceable. If you’re not on ESPN you’re pretty much a nobody. Beadle learned it the hard way.