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A Couple Of Bros Stopped For A Jersey Swap After Partying Together In Vegas, And Now The Game Has Changed Forever

The jersey swap is one of the ultimate signs of respect in sports, perhaps right behind the hockey handshake. Sure, those two athletes may have been opponents out on the field of battle but when all is said and done they can both have a mutual respect and understanding of the other's journey and process to get to the highest level. You admire their craft. You appreciate the work it took them to get there. And by swapping jerseys with each other, you show that this is more than just a game. 

The only issue with the jersey swap is that for the most part, you need to be crazy athletic for it to really mean anything. It's not like you can go around swapping jerseys in beer leagues since you have to pay for your own jerseys and you'd end up having to wait at least a few weeks before a new order could get shipped to you. 

But these fellas right here? Not only are they a couple of the biggest beauties I've ever seen, but they are certified game changers. The post-party jersey swap now let's everybody have the change to show their opponents that level of mutual respect that we typically only get to see on display in the NFL. You're out in Vegas partying your dick off. You're the first man in and the last man out. But as you've been getting after it like an absolute mad man, there's only been one other dude in there who has been able to match your intensity all night. Not only has he been matching your intensity, but his skill out there has even caused you to elevate your game. You may be opponents on the dance floor but once those lights come back on, you know the work and dedication that man puts in to perfecting his craft. You see a little bit of yourself in him and you both respect the grind it took to get you there. Perfect time for the jersey swap. And what's better than that? Guys bein' dudes.