Salisbury Dude Arrested For Using A Short Rib Recipe As His Inspection Sticker




SALISBURY, Mass. ( A man was arrested in Salisbury Friday night for using a short ribs recipe as his inspection sticker. At about 11 p.m. Friday, Salisbury police arrested a man for displaying a short ribs recipe on his car instead of an inspection sticker. “A suspect tried to pass this off as a valid inspection sticker on his car tonight. Needless to say he was arrested,” Salisbury police tweeted.

What’s that old expression? You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take? Well I certainly think that applies here. I mean I get the logic. I’m sure this guy assumed if the cops see something that sort of looks like an inspection sticker in the spot where an inspection sticker goes their brain will just assume it’s an inspection sticker. Either that or he’s just a drunk. Regardless I bet this stunt worked for a couple months before the police finally caught up to it.  Can’t knock the hustle.

PS – Why did he get arrested?  Shouldn’t he just get a ticket for not having a valid inspection sticker?  Or is faking one a crime?