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Coach K Doesn't Want Bandwagon Duke Fans And Is Whining About The Cameron Crazies Not Appreciating The Win Over FSU Enough

[Charlotte Observer] - “I think our fans need to know what the hell happened. You know? C’mon. Not that they (the fans) weren’t good, but c’mon. We have a really young team, playing against a top 10 team…. We don’t go to the supermarket and buy these things. And they (the fans) weren’t bad. But you’ve got to be even more hungry. You’ve got to be even more appreciative.”

“They’re accustomed to outstanding,” Krzyzewski said of the Duke fans. “And this team is trying to be (outstanding). Just -- don’t get on the ride at the end. Be on the ride the whole way.”

This fucking guy. He's flat out losing it, no doubt about it. The man has coached Duke for roughly 200 years and now he's saying he doesn't want any bandwagon fans. Uhh, dude, you coach Duke. 95% of your fanbase resides in NJ/NYC and has never been to Duke, let alone North Carolina. You have the biggest bandwagon fanbase in all of college hoops. Not to mention you gained even more bandwagon fans last year with Zion there. 

And now you're mad at the Cameron Crazies for not respecting a win more? You want them louder. Well, the last time they chanted you had to be held back by a ref and you lost your shit on them

These kids have never been screamed at their entire lives. You scared the shit out of them doing such. Look at their faces again: 

Every single kid is scared out of their mind. You told them to class it up and not chant 'Jeff Capel, sit with us.' You wanted them to do cheers like this, so this is what you get: 

You got your 'let's go Duke. Come on Duke' chant. They quite literally listened to you here, but you're a raging asshole who gets caught lying all the time so now you're mad they weren't crazy enough for a win over Florida State. A good team don't get me wrong, but Duke was also favored by 8 in this game. It took Florida State (the 11th best FT shooting team in the country) shooting 12-for-20 from the FT line and 3-for-18 from 3 (FSU is the 56th best 3pt shooting team in the country) for Duke to escape with a win. A win that didn't come without controversy either! Here's the call that sealed the game for Duke: 

The ref called a cylinder foul. People on Twitter wanted an elbow on Duke's Matthew Hurt, which ended up not being true too: 

The right call? A walk. That's not a foul on FSU. Hurt stumbles and falls down. There's no foul here. The cylinder foul is one of the worst calls out there. Trent Forrest is just standing there. That's not a foul. And the refs were terrible, mostly for Duke, but I'll throw Duke fans a bone here. Yes, they incorrectly called the out of bounds call with a minute to go. 

Whining about the crowd not being excited enough. Fuck outta here. Biggest hypocrite in not only college hoops but all of sports.