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43 Reasons To Drink A Zillion Beers

  1. Golf course
  2. Relationship status changes back to single
  3. Bowling alley
  4. House party
  5. Graduation party (adults)
  6. Happy Hour
  7. Lake House with the boys
  8. Frat House pregame
  9. Dollar bottles 
  10. Flight cancelled
  11. Anything related to Vegas 
  12. 16-inch softball 
  13. Wrigley bleachers
  14. Comiskey parking lot
  15. Soldier’s south lot
  16. St. Patrick’s Day 
  17. College football Saturdays
  18. Hotel bar on a work trip
  19. Baptism
  20. Any garage on the Southside of Chicago
  21. Block party
  22. Destination weddings
  23. Forest preserve (teenagers only) 
  24. Poolside
  25. “I just cut the grass”
  26. Racetrack 
  27. You moved apartments
  28. Extra innings (rally beers)
  29. Buddy visiting from ouit of town
  30. Charity event open bar 
  31. Metra train home from work
  32. You’re outside and it’s nice
  33. Niece/Nephew 1st Holy Communion
  34. “Turns out She’s not pregnant”
  35. Saturday afternoon Shower
  36. Building a cup snake with Rob Manfred
  37. Co-Ed Intramural Championship party at the bar that sponsors your team
  38. Setting an auto-reply to your work email
  39. Quitting your job 
  40. Closed a big sale (business)
  41. Prom
  42. Summer (generally)
  43. All inclusive resort

This is a fluid list. Please add to it as you see fit. 


  • Bonfire Lake House
  • Ski Lift Beers
  • Hot Tub Tailgate
  • 1st Beer at work event
  • Beer garden beer
  • The bar has frosted mugs
  • 1st Beer after traveling to a college campus