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4 BU Students Have Been In Jail Since Tuesday For Having A House Party In Allston?

houseeee – The first party drew a crowd of 200, and when Boston police arrived, revelers raced back inside the house on Linden Street in Allston, turned down the music, and flipped off lights. Officers were not fooled. When they made it inside, officers saw scattered empty liquor bottles and smelled marijuana, according to police. That party, thrown last September, earned its four alleged hosts, all Boston University students, one charge each of keeping a disorderly house. They were put on pretrial probation, police said, and were told that if they stayed out of trouble, all would be forgiven. But four months later came the second party. When police arrived around 1 a.m., partiers slammed the door in officers’ faces and locked it, police said. Scores of people, many underage, began pouring out doors and windows. When police did get in, they found more than 1,000 beer cans. This time, the alleged hosts got jail time.“It gets to the point you have to say enough is enough,” said Boston police Sergeant Michael O’Hara, who responded to the second party and said that the apartment was in shambles and set up for drinking games. “These kids were given every opportunity, and they blew it.”

O’Hara said the four students have been at Nashua Street Jail since Tuesday night, when Judge David Donnelly revoked their bail for violating their probation. They are due back in Brighton District Court Friday.

Neighbors said they had not even noticed the parties that got the hosts in trouble. “On Friday and Saturday nights, it’s not uncommon, really, to see a bunch of drunk people stumbling around,” said Alex Baycora, 23, who lives on Linden. “It’s a pretty popular street.”



These guys have been in jail since Tuesday?   That’s 4 days. 4 days in jail for throwing a house party?  There HAS to be better things for Boston cops to be doing than this.  There has to be.  This party wasn’t in the Back Bay with old people trying to sleep.  It was in Allston.  Noise, rats and late nights is just part of the deal there.  Especially on Lindon street.    That’s like the epicenter of it all.  The neighbors didn’t even know a party was going on.  Listen I have no problem with the cops breaking the party up at 1am.  That’s fair game.   But 4 days in jail?  For doing what college kids do in every college town in America on every weekend night?   Come on Boston Police, be better than this.  And spare me the part about breaking probation.  They are making it sound like the previoius crime was murder.  It was a loud party 4 months ago.  2 parties in 4 months in a college town should not equate to 4 days in jail.

PS – I think Sales Guy lives on Linden Street.  Only bald 30+ dude in the neighborhood.  He probably Narc’d on him because he couldn’t watch Matlock.  Narc.