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First It Was Jaylen Brown, Now Jayson Tatum Has Earned His Own Player Of The Week Honor

How did Jayson Tatum do this week? Well, for starters the Celts went 4-0 which you should expect considering they played mostly dogshit, and few were more impressive than Tatum's 29.8/7.5/3.81.3 to go along with 50/53% shooting. He made 5.3 3PM a night over this stretch and looked every bit like the All Star he is. Let's relive the dominance shall we?

For those counting at home, since Jaylen won his first Player Of The Week on December 30th, there have been 7 weeks where players have been chosen. The Celtics have seen one of their two Jays be selected in 3 of those 7, including the last two weeks. That feels good. If not for their terrible January that included the 2-6 slide my guess is they probably have someone in that month as well. 

Winning Player Of The Week is something I could put in the "pretty cool, nice to have" category. Like nobody should be throwing a parade because the young Jays are getting this acknowledgement, but it is a sense of validation for what our eyes have been telling us. Jayson Tatum over his last like 10+ games has been the best player on the floor and that's a fact. His production and efficiency is where we dreamed it would one day get to, and he's doing it consistently. That's always been the hardest part.

The beauty of all this? Those of us who have been paying attention knew this was in our future dating all the way back to this summer. Remember Team USA? When everyone clowned the team and got their jokes off that the Celtics ruined it for everyone? Well we knew. We knew the real goal of that whole experience was to build chemistry with Kemba. Let me ask you, now at 37-15 with the chemistry looking better than ever and Kemba/Tatum/Jaylen having All Star caliber seasons, who is laughing now?

Us. We're the ones laughing. It was right in front of everyone's face the whole time and they just didn't want to see it. 


Man I can't get enough of this picture. Look at Kemba. Look at that smile. Like a proud papa, it warms my heart.