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A Window Into the World Of Hank...Riding The T; Superpower Edition

Egyptian workers struggle to move a household pig into a truck to send it to the main slaughterhouse in Manshiyat Nasser area


Handsome Hank here.  Last week I was called up to Pres’s office and was told to write some blogs but was given no specific criteria, so as not to “limit the weird shit going on in my head”. Given my past writing experience (none) and education level (1 year of college before film school) I expect the whole thing to go swimmingly and don’t feel like a pig walking into a slaughterhouse in the slightest.

Everyday I take public transportation to work which means taking a commuter rail from my hometown to the red line T in Quincy which I take to Ashmont and then hop on the Mattapan trolley or as I like to call it “the ghetto bus” (not racist the thing is old and ghetto as fuck)


which basically takes me right up to the office front door so it seems like a no brainer for it to be the subject of my first blog.

No matter what’s on my mind there’s always one thing that my brain constantly comes back to whenever I’m on the T. What are these people looking at on their phones.  Go on any subway at any given time and you will see 90% of people glued to their phones staring at god knows what. The 10% that aren’t are old people and nerds reading books and crackheads oblivious to the fact that smartphones even exist yet. Its like everyone is in their own world and in complete denial of the fact that they are A. on the subway in the first place, and B. on a train with other actual human beings. Name a non drug or alcohol addicted person that starts up conversations with strangers on the subway, you cant. The point is that train rides are boring as fuck and I am constantly wishing there was a way to spice things up. That’s why if I could have one super power it would be the ability to focus on someone on the T and be able to see what they see on their phone on my phone and hear what their listening to in my headphones. Maybe it sounds crazy on paper but I know for a fact it would make the commute a lot more interesting and probably be super educational along the way.