It Looks Like Myles Garrett Is Finally Going To Be Reinstated By The NFL

Alright so there's no firm word from the NFL yet, but after a meeting this morning with Dictator Goodell, Rap's sources are telling him that Myles Garrett is going to be reinstated.

Okay, now what's the status on Mason Rudolph? Oh wait, he wasn't suspended. Just benched for a dude named Duck...

But in all honesty, I'm not sure why this was even a question? The fact that Myles was suspended for the rest of the season was absolutely ridiculous, but to add in that he would miss the playoffs and potentially more than that was perhaps the most ludicrous statement the NFL has ever made. And the NFL has been on the baaaaad end of a couple different situations...

The math that the NFL uses just does not add up. And this time is no different. Rudolph started the whole thing and got nothing. Pouncey was just as guilty as anyone, appealed, and got 2 games. And then there's Myles Garrett, who lost 6 game checks, has to attend counseling, and still suck up to the NFL office just to be allowed to play again? 

For the millionth time ever: shame on the NFL.

But he looks like he's finally back, and now there's no use in dwelling on the wrongs made by the league. It's time to move forward. And move forward we will, with an ANGRY (but hopefully not too angry) Myles Garrett. I would be very afraid to be the quarterback of one of these teams next year:

Hold on lemme get out a pencil and paper....carry the one.....I got it. 15-1. Eh, you know what, I'll give the Ravens that one on the road. 14-2.