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Plane With A "Fire John Idzik" Banner Flies Around Jets Practice Today

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This shit is getting so fucking stupid. I cannot even wrap my head around the idea that there are Jets fans out there paying their own money to fund these dumb ass stunts. Like this is going to have ANY affect on John Idzik’s employment. Like Woody Johnson is gonna be like “Wow, did you see that billboard and that plane banner? They’re right. He’s gone.” So goddam dumb. All this does is further embarrass this franchise and this fan base. Make the Jets look even stupider to the rest of the NFL, if thats even possible.

The Fire John Idzik camp are like internet commenters. Like the trolls on Barstool who start a “Fire XYZ” movement every other day. The people who do this kinda shit are mindless meatballs who have absolutely zero impact on whatever it is they are throwing a tantrum about. The fact that there is one person, let alone enough people, to raise $10,000 for a billboard or a plane banner, who genuinely, truly thinks this going to impact the Jets decision making is embarrassing. We’re all sick of this shitty 1-8 team but these losers are only making it worse.

Rather than flush your money down the toilet in the name of this crappy team, check out what the guys at @TurnOnTheJets are doing. People will raise over 10 grand for a pointless billboard, why not raise money for something good?

PS – And dont come at me with this garbage that writing negatively about the team on the blog or sports talk hosts who advocate for someone being fired is the same thing. Those are completely different situations.