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The Serena Williams And Caroline Wozniacki Interview At Half Time Of The Knicks Game Last Night Was As Awkward As It Gets

What are the two things I learned while watching the personification of female awkwardness?

1) Don’t ever use more words than you’re allowed to during an interview with Serena Williams or she might rip your fucking head off. If the interviewer says “what’s one word to describe…” you give her one word. Not 2. Not 3. One word. Follow the rules of the 60 second interview game or Serena might murder you on the spot.

2) These bitches are the perfect example of chick friendship. Just a bunch of fake smiles and phony laughs with deep seated competition and jealousy and resentment bubbling to the surface. Pretending to be best friends even though they clearly hate each other and want to destroy one another on and off the court. I mean, “Whats one word to describe your friendship?” “Borrowing?” What the fuck does that even mean? These two cant come up with something better than “honesty and borrowing” to explain their fake friendship? So busy having a silent, on camera feud that they couldn’t even answer simple questions. Just lock them in a clay court, hell in a cell and let their true emotions decide who gets to walk out. Obviously Wozniacki gets to bring a samurai sword or something in order to level the playing field.

PS – Poor Jill Martin was just floundering this whole time. An absolute abortion of an interview.