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Sometimes Stereotypes Exist For A Reason, Like This Canadian Tennis Player Just Crushing Some Maple Syrup Mid-Match

I know in this day and age we're supposed to be focused on smashing stereotypes, breaking boundaries and all those other good and happy things. You're supposed to see and appreciate people for who they are as an individual, yada yada yada. But sometimes stereotypes exist for a reason. Sometimes stereotypes don't just come from some bigot who is afraid of someone else coming in and taking their job. 

Basically what I'm saying is sometimes we can embrace and celebrate stereotypes. Like sometimes people from Canada just love the shit out of maple syrup. And that's okay. 

So if Vasek Pospisil wants to delete a bottle of some sticky liquid gold in the middle of a tennis match to keep his body operating at peak Canadian levels? Well that's what makes those goofy bastards who they are. Just don't let me catch someone like Djokovic or Nadal trying to pull the same move because that's appropriation.