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Giants Embarrassed In Prime Time Once Again, Entire Nation Points & Laughs


102-38. That’s how bad the Giants have been pummeled in their 3 prime-time losses. Last night’s drubbing by the Colts may have been the worst though. Despite two weeks of preparation that apparently included prioritizing Preston Parker, the only thing Big Blue showed was the ability to drop anything that hit them in the hands. Donnell, Parker, ODB, Randle, Rolle, DRC…drop after drop after drop in big spots. Whether it be on third down, an INT in the chest or an INT taken out of DRC’s hands in the end zone, the G-Men were oh-so-close to changing the game but proved to be oh-so-far out of Indy’s league. Coughlin was the subject of the biggest blunder when he let his defense stand on the field with their thumbs up their asses while he struggled to pull the challenge flag out of his sock. Really dude?


Too little too late though as Luck hurried to snap the ball & tossed an uncontested TD to take a 2-possession lead in a first half the D managed to keep within striking distance. The offense could never get on track though and, despite a stirring speech at the half by Michael Strahan that fired up MetLife, it did nothing to prevent a 3rd quarter beat down that put the game away.

Adding injury to insult, Prince left the game early with a biceps injury and rookie Weston Richburg was carted off & left the stadium on crutches. The wheels have officially fallen off just in time for a visit to Seattle. Regardless of when Schwartz or Jennings come back, it’s too late. About the only thing to look forward to the rest of the way is seeing how ODB builds on his breakout night. Despite a drop, he hauled in 8 of 11 passes for over a buck fifty. He’s the reliable, big play threat the Giants need now that it’s becoming more & more obvious Rueben Randle is simply mediocre. I hate throwing in the towel on Big Blue, but they’re not healthy or talented enough to play anything less than perfect football. “Almost” sacks, “almost” picks, “almost” receptions aren’t gonna cut it. The Seahawks may very well be the nail in the coffin.