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SEC Basketball Analyst Barry Booker Says He Wants to Go See Some 'Scantily Clad Girls' During Gymnastics Promo


I know in 2020 there's kind of a grey area as to what you can and can't say but I'm pretty positive you can't say that. No idea what Barry was thinking here.

He takes a three- or four-second pause after saying, "Go hang out with the ladies," in sort of a weird voice that was not great but definitely would not have gotten him in trouble on the Arkansas—Missouri broadcast on SEC Network. But after that pause, he still thinks it's a good idea to go ahead with his rendition of a husband who tells his wife he wants to go see "scantily clad girls."

Just a big ol' yikes on this one, Barry. Can't do that.

SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey issued a statement on Booker's comments.

However, in true SEC fashion, the only thing the fans cared about was the officials.

Never change, SEC. Never change.