Taylor Swift "Welcome To New York" Tourism Video Gets Mashed Up With NYC Footage From The 80s and 90s

This is so perfect. A bit dated, obviously. New York isnt quite the cesspool now as it was back then before Giuliani cleaned things up. But as someone who cant stand all the “True New Yorker” “Welcome to New York!” “Sex and The City” fairytales about this godforsaken city, this is the perfect mashup. This is like every “Now you’re in Newwwww Yoorrrrkkkk” blogs I’ve ever written.

“Its unlike anywhere in the world!” – Cut to vagrants in the park fighting with police officers.

“Its almost like the city has its own heartbeat. You can find art, fashion, humanity that will inspire you” – Cut to tattooed junkies and sexual deviants wandering the streets in costume

“Its impossible not to fall in love with or be affected by something in New York City” – Cut to someone spitting blood all over a woman, some freak with wire piercing his face, drag queens, and someone yelling about how great crack is.

“Every day I would wake up with this feeling like “I need to be in New York” – Cut to naked death metal white supremacist rolling around in the streets covered in complete filth.

“New York kinda pulled me here like a magnet” – Cut to police brutality and full scale riots in the parks.

Just a hilarious representation about what “New York City” can mean to the people who dont live here vs what it means to the people who have lived here forever. I’m sure the life long New Yorkers just laugh every time they see this Nilla Wafer bitch talking about how amazing this town is.

PS – There’s also a strong chance the creator of this video did it acting like that footage was when New York was “real” and “alive” and in that case fuck that guy as well. Thinking all that grimy shit was cool and edgy and thinking New York was a better city back then when it was a complete fucking shitshow is just as lame as Taylor Swift’s NYC shtick.