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Anybody Who Cares That US Lost 100-0 Today In the Bronze Medal Game is A Doofus Face




I can’t believe people are chirping about the US losing to Finland in the Bronze Medal game. People saying it’s embarrassing that we didn’t even bother showing up. Honestly who gives a flying fuck? What type of loser cares about the Bronze Medal game? I said it the instant Canada squashed our nuts. Having a Bronze Medal game for hockey is ridiculous. This isn’t the luge where fake athletes go bananas over coming in 3rd. These are professionals. You either win the Gold Medal or you came in last. That’s all that matters. There isn’t 1 player on the US who cares about a fucking bronze medal. And if there is they shouldn’t have been on the team in the first place because they have no competitive spirt. I mean all a Bronze medal does is remind you that you didn’t win gold. There isn’t one real sports fan who cares about 3rd place. It’s ridiculous they even have this consolation game like it’s the Little League World Series or something. The US tournament was over the second they lost to Canada. They should have hopped on the first plane out of Sochi and gone home. Anybody who thinks it’s embarrassing that they didn’t show up today is a fool.