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Things I Missed Last Night When I Had No Internet: Johnny Weir Putting A Final Dagger In Putin And Umass Putting A Dagger In VCU

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Oohh…Kill em Johnny!   Sure the US men’s hockey team may have gotten their dicks kicked in by Canada and have gone like 30 straight periods without a goal now, but Johnny Weir regained some American pride last night with this tuxedo, clown bowtie, leggings number.  Straight fire.  Johnny Be Good?  NO!  Johnny Be BAD!




UMASS Humiliates VCU


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And how could I not give a quick shoutout to UMass for a HUGE home win last night versus VCU in the biggest game at Umass since well the Marcus Camby era in Amherst.  I can’t wait to see the Minutemen in the tournament.  I haven’t decided whether I’m going to go on the road and follow them through out the NCAA tournament.  I think I am.   I know the Stool hasn’t been to UMass since 2010.  I know the cops told me that if I step on campus again they’re gonna arrest me.  I don’t give a fuck.  Umass is where Barstool was basically born.   They haven’t been in the tournament since I started this company.  I think we need to road trip with them.  That’s it.  I just decided.  I’m gonna be a UMass Superfan for the tournament.   Who’s coming with me?

Memo to Tyler Bergantino I”m gonna need one of those White Boy Quiver shirts.