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Romeo Langford Allegedly Got Too High And Forgot NBA Players Could Be Traded

(Mass Live) - Boston Celtics rookie Romeo Langford said he wasn’t worried about the NBA trade deadline as the seconds ticked away toward 3 p.m.

Langford’s confidence didn’t stem from a conversation with the organization (nobody talked to him one way or the other) or a lack of rumors (his name was thrown around in some of them).

The possibility of being traded simply didn’t occur to him.

“I forgot I was in the NBA,” Langford said. “Not in the NBA, but like, I forgot people get traded. Thinking like college. If you’re there, you just stay there. ... To be honest, I forgot I could be traded. That’s why. I wasn’t even thinking about it."

There's an urban legend, and I only call it an urban legend because I'm simply too lazy to vet it as fact, that Justin Timberlake quit smoking weed entirely because he unexpected ended up on an episode of "Punk'd" while he was high as a kite. The trauma from that prank caused him to never trust the reefer again, that's how spooked he was when he believed all of his stuff was being repossessed by the government. Which is a real shame. The flower isn't for everyone, but everyone should be allowed to find out for themselves and not have Ashton Kutcher, or anyone else, blow that high for them forever. Romeo Langford getting traded yesterday would have permanently changed this man's entire persona once and for all. For better or worse, who is to say, but change was certainly en route should he have been traded. 

The very concept of being traded was so foreign to Romeo that his brain may have torn in two had it have happened. Ainge knew this as he was calling teams and most likely held back Romeo in any and all talks for the greater good. Romeo right now is far too pure for the ugly, business side of the NBA. He just wants to hoop and stare off into the eternal, never-ending void, thinking about the simple things in this world like Chipotle burrito bowls and what Sonic even needs all those rings for anyways. So thank you, Danny Ainge, for keeping Romeo's beautiful soul in tact for at least another day.