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Chick Makes Music Video Asking Her Friends To Be Bridesmaids

Listen I’m not gonna sit here and tell you this is the worst youtube video I’ve ever seen. I’m not gonna bash this sweet girl who’s excited about her wedding in July 2015 and decided to use a song from 1997 to pick her bridesmaids. I know just how emotional and fragile girls can be during this process so I’m not gonna say a bad word about her.

But all I’m gonna say is I’ve never, ever, ever felt as bad for someone as I do for that poor bastard who had to film this video with his fiance. Theres a lot of shit you gotta do in the wedding process that you dont wanna do. The engagement photos, picking out the flowers, designing invitations. Some people do dance lessons, choreograph stuff for the reception. The list goes on. But at some point, as a man, you have to draw the line. You have to put your foot down and say – “No. I will not make a Spice Girls Wannabe video with you to ask your friends to be bridesmaids.” Because otherwise you’ve set a terrible precedent for the future. If you’ve agreed to do the bridesmaids music video, you’ll probably agree to just about anything. One minute you’re making that music video and before you know it you’re on paternity leave wearing one of those fake breast feeding bras for dads raising a genderless child. This poor son of a bitch just cuckholding himself by agreeing to this. And the worst part of it all is he had to be like “I think it came out great, baby! Its really funny! That part where you walked into the porta potty was hilarious!” Just completely selling his soul, abandoning all standards, and castrating himself before embarking on a life of quietly cringing behind his broken eyes.

But seriously sweetheart the video was really cute. The girls will love it.