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Blue Jays Japanese Player Munenori Kawasaki is Learning English, Gave a Fantastic Interview That Shows His Progress


Blue Jays fan favourite Munenori Kawasaki is back with the club and dealing with some cold weather, but he’s distracting himself by praciticing English with his teammates.

What a fantastic interview. Kawasaki just jumped so high up my favorite player power rankings and he doesn’t even know it. Because he doesn’t puss out and use a translator. No. He is out there running with the big dogs, doing his own interviews, and absolutely crushing them. I can’t wait to track his progress and watch him progressively get better and better. He could be using a translator, but that’s not what he came to America Canada to do. He came throw baseballs and speak perfect English, and he’s all out of baseballs.

Obviously he ends the interview with “I’ll be back”. What a hero.

PS: Just realized this was him too. I think I actually love him?