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Would You Get A Tattoo Of Your Concert Festival Band If It Meant Free Admission For Life?

Right before I go to bed each night, I tell myself, "I've seen it all". Only to be wrong when I scroll through my Twitter timeline the next day. I've been wearing my Lollapalooza wristband for 188 days now and just got outplayed by a Rolling Loud fan. Why didn't I think of this? The idea seems outrageous, but the way he did it finessed him out of some expenses!

A tattoo like that probably costs somewhere between $50-$250. A 3-day VIP package is $699. The guy is pretty much paying the same price as a pair of air pods to party, vibe, and experiment every drug in the book 3 days a year, for the rest of his life! And it's all FREE! Very smart move of the kid to change his ticket from GA to VIP btw. He also has another wrist to ink up if he wants to attend Coachella or Lollapalooza for the rest of his life. 

I'm not cutting my Lollapalooza band off until July 30th (Lolla 2020). I'll only get a tattoo of it if I reach 500,000 retweets because that's impossible. I also believe if I were to get a tattoo, I would die from how fragile my body is. Good thing I set the bar pretty high.