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Jets Life Summed Up In One Picture

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Geno Smith completed 2 passes to players on the Jets today. 3 completions to players on the Bills. Now a cast off, washed up back up is in running around all reckless fumbling the ball like an asshole. Bottom line is I can’t take it anymore. There’s absolutely no reason to watch this team week in and week out. Like even though they’re actually still hangin around in this Bills game, its all pointless. The quarterback situation is absolutely fucking LAUGHABLE. The coaching isnt any better. I dont blame Rex for the QB debacle but there’s a reason why these guys continually regress under his regime. Sanchez and Geno quite literally got worse every single Sunday. Now there’s not much Rex can do when it comes to some of their mistakes. I mean how many times can you sit a guy down and be like “OK lets try to not make some of the worst decisions and throws in the history of the NFL this week?” But its just never been more obvious that Rex is a D-coordinator at heart and has never done any sort of developing on the other side of the ball.

And while we’re on the topic, Rex is supposed to be a defensive mastermind and yet the secondary is always a joke and mistakes and penalties are constantly made. Its just clear the experiments are all over. The Geno experiment is done. The Vick experiment is pointless. He’s old and washed up regardless how he plays. And its time for the Rex Ryan era to come to an end. The only hope is for this team to start completely fresh. Hope for a high draft pick and hope that a guy like Mariota or Jameis pans out with a new head coach running the show. Because the guys on the current roster and the coaching staff ain’t the answer. This team is not turning it around the way they are currently comprised. Idzik hasn’t inspired confidence but he also kinda got screwed with having to retain Rex after he pulled 8 wins out of his asshole. I certainly wouldnt be surprised if Idzik is out ther door in a few years but at the moment he still hasnt been given enough time to really be judged. Best thing that can happen for this team right now is a disastrous 2 or 3 win season, Idzik hits on a draft pick under center and you build up the defensive backfield to support D line which is just about the only bright spot on this current team.

What will most likely happen is that Vick will use his legs to scramble his way to a few Ws against the weak second half schedule, they’ll get another middle of the road pick, and they’ll toil away in embarrassing mediocrity yet again for a few seasons to come.

J E T S just endure the suffering.