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Valentine's Day Reader Email - I Don't Know Whether To Punch My Buddy In the Face or Give Him Credit For Announcing In Our Group Chat That He's Gonna Fuck My Sister Tonight



Reader Email

Confused Stoolie here,

My buddy sent this picture out to our group text. I’m assuming he forgot that I was in the group because he is taking my sister out tonight.At first I was pissed, but then I became impressed by the survival kit he packs with him. Do I give him credit, or punch him in the face?




I think it depends on whether your buddy is dating your sister or he’s just PIV’ing her for Valentines day.  Pretty huge difference.  Like if he’s just cumming and running I think you got to punch him in the face.  If they date what are you gonna do?  That’s the bad thing about chicks.  All of them are somebody’s family which is the worst.

PS – What’s up with the playing cards?  That I don’t get.

Double PS – The 5 hour energy is worse than the condom.  Like he’s not just fucking her once.  All night.