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I Guess You Can't Threaten To Kill A Flight Attendant After Being Denied Booze Anymore, Thanks A Lot Bin Laden

Oh how the airline industry has changed. In the 1960s flying was the wild, wild west. You just drove up to the airport, walked directly to whatever plane you wanted to take, and flew away. That was the entire process. I wonder how many people just flashed a piece of paper and pretended it was a ticket, how were they going to know if it was real or not? Then you got on the plane, lit a cigarette, blew smoke directly in a small child's face, and opened up the latest Playboy magazine. "Hey Nate, have you been watching Mad Men again?" Yes, yes I have. 

But the point remains, flying used to be crazy easy. I have vague memories of pre-911 security and such. It was about as good as Barstool's security, just a ton of Avocado Ross's walking around everywhere. 

And now it's just a god damn travesty. People nasty toes smooshing around everywhere, different rules at every airport (shoes in the bin, shoes on the belt, don't even take your shoes off, laptop in it's own bin, laptop with the rest of your stuff, laptop up your asshole, etc), people getting fingered 3 inches from your face, all the while TSA can't stop a god damn thing from going through.

So yeah, flying just ain't what it used to be.

And now, get this, flight attendants are denying passengers alcohol?!

NY Post - A United Airlines flight from California to Japan was diverted to Alaska when an irate passenger became violent and threatened to “kill” a crew member after he was denied more alcohol, court documents show.

Seksan Kumtong, 51, was arrested Sunday after hitting the lead flight attendant while flying on United Airlines Flight 32 from Los Angeles to Narita, Japan. The plane was ultimately forced to land in Anchorage after Kumtong grabbed the United employee by the neck and tie and tried to pull them to the ground, according to an affidavit in support of a criminal complaint obtained by the Anchorage Daily News.

“I will kill you,” Kumtong screamed during the in-flight attack, the affidavit shows.


I guess saying "I kill you" is a bit rash, I'll concede that point. But on the other hand…sometimes you just gotta give someone on a flight from California to Japan more booze. That's about a 12 hour flight, the amount of anxiety that creeps into your mind when you're flying over all that water, thinking back to your time watching LOST, and now the coronovirus to boot? Just flick this man a mini bottle for Pete's sake. Flying, much like the Stripper Bowl, just ain't what it used to be.