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They Are Taking People Off Cruise Ships Docked In New Jersey And Sending Them Back To China In Fear Of Coronavirus

NY Post - The Royal Caribbean cruise ship on which dozens of people were screened for coronavirus docked in New Jersey on Friday morning — and four passengers were rushed to Newark’s University Hospital “out of caution,” officials said.

A brief clip tweeted by NBC 4 New York reporter Tracie Strahan shows two people being removed from the Royal Caribbean Anthem of the Seas and loaded onto waiting ambulances at the Cape Liberty Cruise Port in Bayonne.

One of the four travelers who had come from China for the Caribbean cruise — and are now hospitalized — had a fever on the cruise, Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis told NBC New York.

The fever went away with Tylenol, he said.

Three others are under observation at the hospital, which has negative-pressure isolation rooms, according to Davis.


You have to be a real big dummy to hop off a plane from China and immediately get on a cruise ship. A REAL big dummy indeed. And I say that not because I think everyone who goes to China has coronavirus, but because of how you know a cruise ship company is going to freak out and over-react to even the *chance* someone has coronavirus. It's such a stupid move to hop on a boat where everyone is breathing each other's germs and there's no escape when your last passport stamp is the epicenter of the hottest virus since SARS. You're just not going to get away with it. So what did Royal Carribean do? Sent 4 people to the hospital for screening anddddd

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and health officials removed 23 other Chinese nationals after the ship docked, NBC reported.

Those passengers will be taken to Newark Liberty International Airport for a flight back to China, according to the report.

Booted 23 others back home. I don't know if this is profiling or just being extra careful, but imagine thinking you're about to take this nice Caribbean cruise, swimming with the fish in Bermuda, having sunset walks in Aruba, and instead they rip up your tickets and send you back to coronavirus central. 

I think it's a little fucked up to do that, and plus if they were on a cruise ship and did have coronavirus, we'd rather them infect everyone else dumb enough to take a cruise than infect people on the mainland. Best case is they turn the boat into a zombie graveyard, worst case they remove the people from the ship and send them back into the general population. Sure it wouldn't be great publicity for the cruise company, but that's a minor sacrifice they should be willing to make.