Let's Get Wet: There's Nothing Sexier Than A Water Bottle Poppin' Snipe

Dear god. It's beautiful. 

Over the years they've been trying to make it harder and harder to pop bottles in the NHL. Used to be all you had to do was send a rocket on a one-way flight to the top bunk and you'd crush the bottle just sitting there like a duck on top of the net. And don't get me wrong--those were still filthy snipes as well. But over the years, I guess the goalies have been getting their feelings hurt so they've been protecting the bottles a little more. They started to put the bottle in a holder on top of the net so at least if you sniped it, the bottle wouldn't come flying off the net. But even that was still a little too much carnage for the goalies to handle. So then they started hiding the water bottle behind the middle pipe and now we don't see bottles getting popped nearly as frequently as before. It takes a real sick bastard to be able to really murder a bottle these days. Sick bastards like that cold blooded son of a bitch Ethan Bear. 

Quick curl, uses the defender as a screen, short side laser beam, hope you weren't thirsty bud. 

Baseball has the crack of the bat. Basketball has breaking the rim. But hockey has the ping of a bardown snipe and then also bottle popping snipes. As far as visuals and audibles go, hockey is the greatest sport in the world. So do yourself a favor real quick on this Friday morning and stop working for another 9 minutes to enjoy all of these bottle poppers.