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DeSean Jackson Had a "Welcome to DC Party" And It's Not Exactly What I Wanted To See

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WaPo - When you’re a big NFL star who signs a contract with a new team, people in your new city do cool things to welcome you to town. In Redskins wide receiver DeSean Jackson’s case, that meant a party in his honor at The Huxley, where he was given a huge bottle of Moët champagne. Jackson, who was at the nightclub and lounge with a large group that included DeAngelo Hall, signed the bottle before it was passed around.

I don’t know. I guess if I was just released from a team for off the field issues and all eyes were on me, my life was under a magnifying glass, and every move I made was going to be questioned, I would try my best not to stir up controversy or draw attention to myself. I guess what I’m saying is seeing DeSean posing with a bottle of champagne that is literally taller than me isn’t exactly the flying under the radar, focusing only on football, moving on to the next chapter of his life DeSean Jackson that I want to see. Dear lord please don’t let this blow up in the Redskins face like it absolutely is destined to. One time, please oh please let something go right.

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