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Does This Look Like the Face of a Woman Who Stopped in the Middle of Anal Sex to Attack Her Boyfriend's Wife?

TSGA South Carolina woman told cops that her husband’s girlfriend assaulted her after she walked into a bedroom and discovered the pair “naked, smoking pot, drinking liquor and having anal sex,” according to a police report. Pamela Lynn Turney, 49, told cops that she entered her spouse Christopher’s Spartanburg home through an unlocked door around 10 PM Saturday evening. Turney said that as she was “calling out for Chris,” she “heard him and continued walking through the house until she reached his bedroom.” But when Turney reached the boudoir, she was met by an unsettling sight. Her husband–from whom she is apparently estranged–and Vickie Lynn Morgan, 38, “were both naked, smoking pot, drinking liquor and having anal sex.” …Turney told deputies that when Morgan spotted her, she “jumped from the bed and attacked her.” Turney said that she was knocked to the ground three times before she was able to flee the residence. Turney, who reported the confrontation the following morning, had a black eye and bruising on her forehead and cheek when examined by a cop.

It’s the age old story.  Boy meets Girl.  Girl marries Boy.  Boy and Girl get estranged.  Girl walks in on Boy smoking pot, drinking and cornholing another, much younger Girl.  Second Girl beats the crap out of First Girl.  Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme.  I have to say though, I like the cut of Vickie Lynn Morgan’s jib.  She wrote the book on how to handle it if you’re right in the middle of getting buggered by a guy and his wife walks in.  In a situation like that, the only way to roll is to go right on the offensive.  No apologies.  No telling her your side.  If you’ve ever had a jealous wife bust in on you while her husband’s up in your balloon knot than no explanation is necessary.  If not, then none will suffice.  So you’re best bet is to just attack and let the cops sort it out later.  I’ll concede that Vickie Lynn is no prize in the looks department, but I think she might have a future in fetish porn.  The great thing is she’s already got a great name for it.  @JerryThornton1