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Michigan's Zavier Simpson Was Suspended After He Wrecked The AD's Family Car And Told Cops His Name Was Jeff Jackson Simpson

[Source] - Zavier Simpson’s one-game suspension last month came after he wrecked a car that belongs to athletic director Warde Manuel’s wife, according to a police report obtained by The Ann Arbor News/MLive.

The report also shows that the University of Michigan basketball star lied to officers about his name and whether he was driving when the vehicle crashed into a utility pole in Ann Arbor hours after Michigan’s loss to Illinois last month, according to the police report.

Well, this is one of the more bizarre suspensions I can remember. Before people get all pissy, I get it. The car was technically the AD's son, who is a manager on the team and Simpson decided to borrow it at 3am. So it's not like he just jacked this car. Regardless, it's still the AD's family car and that alone makes some news as to why Simpson was suspended for the game at Nebraska last week. 

But that's not even the craziest or best part. Simpson just flat out lied about who he was to the cops. 

Simpson initially told officers his name was Jeff Jackson Simpson and that he was walking down South Forest Avenue when he noticed the crashed vehicle, Ann Arbor police said in the report acquired via Freedom of Information Act request.

When officers recognized him as the point guard for the Wolverines, they asked him why he lied about his name. Simpson told officers he didn’t want to be involved in the crash report.

Jeff Jackson Simpson? Bro, that's the fakest name ever. Just commit all the way and use Jett Jackson. We all know that's where you're going with this. Also, why not change your last name? If you're going to use a fake name, fully commit. You can't add your last name in there. That's a dead giveaway. 

Especially if you're, you know, Zavier Simpson. You've been the starting guard at Michigan for roughly 12 years. Everyone in Ann Arbor knows who you are. That's why you gotta go full Costanza and commit to the lie. Just keep saying you're not Zavier Simpson, you're Jeff Jackson. 

Now despite Simpson stumbling a bit and this happening at 3am, the cops are saying they didn't smell alcohol on him or anything like that. 

An officer said he did not notice any odor of intoxicant on Simpson’s breath.

Oh, on top of all that. It happened the night they lost to Illinois at the buzzer

Simpson's back with the team and everything, but yeah, one of the more bizarre suspensions we'll see.