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Lawrence Tynes Congratulates "Eli's Brother" On Breaking The Touchdown Record

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How about Larry Tynes coming in hot last night? Just stirring pots and taking unprovoked shots literally for no reason. I kinda like the fact that he just took to twitter to shit on Peyton and back his quarterback but there’s absolutely no reason for this. Like I bet even Eli would take a page out of Peyton’s book and be like “Thats just some liquored up kicker running his mouth.” Just stirs up controversy for both guys for absolutely no reason. Its actually pretty hysterical when you think about it. Just a straight up fan, troll move.

And really I think we can all safely say there’s just no debate anymore between Eli and Peyton. Really there really probably never should have been a debate, but at one point when Eli had 2 rings and a lot less shitty seasons under his belt, you could make a case, albeit a weak one. But now there’s absolutely nobody in their right mind that can say they’d actually take Eli over Peyton anymore. Not in any circumstance. Not for a season, not for 1 big game. Not under any circumstances is anybody taking Eli over Peyton. You can tweet about it and talk shit on the internet and argue with your buddies in favor of Eli, but when the chips are down, if fantasy sports become real life for a moment and you were actually picking between the two, there’s just no way you’re taking Eli over Peyton. Period.