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UNC And Duke Released '100th Anniversary' Jerseys For Saturday's Game ... And They Are So Bad It's A Complete Embarrassment To College Hoops

Holy shit, I wanted to think this was fake until I saw Carolina put out this hype video - still waiting for Duke's: 

I mean I can't think of a better pairing right now than this garbage ass UNC team wearing garbage ass jerseys. Why would you ever change your look if you're UNC, ESPECIALLY for the Duke game? You have one of the most well-known, classic looks in all of sports. Everyone knows the baby blue with the foot. It's a staple. Instead, you rock some jerseys that look like they were ordered from Eastbay to be practice jerseys? 

Hell even UNC fans are in the team's mentions complaining about how bad they are. Just slapping the giant NC on the chest? Gross. Save me it's the '100th anniversary.' That shit was 100 years ago for a reason. Just wear your regular ass jerseys that everyone loves. Or wear the Jordan-era ones that you tease in the video. 

At least when UNC starts running the clogged toilet offense again people will be talking about how shitty the jerseys are too. Take some pressure off the kids if they go 10+ minutes without a field goal again. 

I still can't sit here and guess what made them think this was a good idea. The best thing about rivalry game jerseys are the standard uniforms. USC/UCLA football wearing red and blue. Army/Navy jerseys are a whole different animal. There's just something special about the classic looks. This? This is why we make fun of you losers. I can't stress how bad these practice jerseys/wrestling singlets/track jerseys look. 

Just a complete embarrassment to college hoops, but then again UNC is embarrassing by itself this year.