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This Cal Nerd Beast Moding A Rubik's Cube Has To Be the Hardo Move of the Years So Far Right?



I know Kmarko already blogged this, but this right here was an UNREAL hardo move.   Just putting an absolute beat down on a rubik cube right in Bill Walton’s mug.   Nerd swag times infinity.   Like I don’t want to be impressed, but I’m impressed.   You do not want to get locked in a rubik’s cube hell in a cell match with this dude.  He will tear your face off.

PS – If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times.  Bill Walton is my absolute favorite announcer on the planet.  I will stop whatever I’m doing to watch him call games.  He’s so far out there it’s awesome.

It’s about the children.   In basketabll all you have to do is wait for that opening tip.  They put that ball in the air and then man, let’s get runnin, let’s get dreamin…let’s look into the souls of our teammates and say what can we do to make this happen”