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Woj Completely Ignoring The Show He's On To Take A Phone Call Is The Epitome Of Power Moves Only

One of the best parts of the season. Woj doing his hits all hours of the day, resulting in a trade deadline show. Woj just living in his own world to break the news and beat Shams, don't blame him one bit here. You think people are watching this waiting for the news? No. WojBombs occur on Twitter and Twitter only. Everything about this is perfect. The phone charging, him just ignoring Maria Taylor at the moment, taking out the ear piece. I gotta know what this is. Please be Landry Shamet to the Knicks for Marcus Morris. 

That's a man getting ordered by his wife to make dinner reservations 3 weeks out or the man that's going to announce the fate of basketball organizations across the country. Either one really.