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It Sounds Like Andre Iguodala Has A New Team And There's Only One Problem

Well, it looks like in the end this whole Memphis ordeal is going to work out for Andre Iguodala. It sounds like the Heat were one of his approved teams, and it'll be interesting to see what the official trade is because the Heat don't exactly have the picks to send. That means we're probably going to see someone like Dion Waiters get moved which I don't think the Heat care all that much about. If Iguodala is healthy and hasn't lost too much, a potential defensive lineup with Butler/Iggy/Bam is pretty interesting. They don't need Iguodala for his shooting since they have enough of that, and he has a real chance to contend in the East with the Heat competing for that 2-4 seed. For the Grizzlies, at least you get something back that you can actually use for a guy who threatened to just not come to work if he wasn't dealt by the deadline.

Which brings me to the bad news part of this trade. You may remember the young Grizzlies having this take when asked about this whole situation

There's just one issue here. The Heat have already played their two games against the Grizzlies. That means there will be no opportunity for Dillon Brooks and Ja Morant to show him what Memphis is about. I feel like the league has to reject this trade simply for that reason. It doesn't feel right that Iguodala can find a new team and yet we on the internet won't be able to enjoy that team playing Memphis. You KNOW Ja Morant would have tried to put that man on a poster. That's just some shit luck. 

But hey, at least he's not going to the Lakers so there's always that.