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HOCKEY FANS: Ryan Whitney, 9-Year NHL Veteran, Previews The Season With The Barstool Hockey Crew

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Ryan Whitney, who you most likely remember from his days with the Oilers, Penguins, and Ducks, as well as him being on the Silver Medal USA team in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, joined me, Rear Admiral, and Chief on the podcast last week on this week’s Five Minute Major. We preview the entire 2014 season for you as well as take some of your twitter questions (asked on twitter @CharlieWisco , @RearAdBsBlog , and @BarstoolChief).

Keep sending your constructive criticism on twitter and email. It has been really helpful, we read all of it, and take it all into account. For example, I did away with the horn sound effect because I know that was murdering some of you guys listening with headphones and tried out a more free-flowing rather than segmented structure to the show. Tell us what you think. Also let us know what guests you would like to have on in terms of players, ex-players, hockey media personalities, ect. Barstool has a pretty good reach with the NHL so if you think of someone good, we can do our best to have them on. We’re hoping to have a guest on every show and have it be an Around The Horn-esque format, so people you think would be entertaining as well as realistic would be terrific. Next show will also hopefully be on iTunes so look out for that. Also, I tried making a good logo for the show but suck as graphic design. We already have the concept and just need someone who can draw it up on whatever program and send it to us, so if you can do that, hit me up.