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Justin Bour Is Living A Big Man's Dream In Japan: Hitting Dingers And Walking Back To The Dugout Instead Of Rounding The Bases

God damn that brings a tear to this big boned blogger's eye. Watching a likable dude like Justin Bour crushing the fuck out of baseballs like he did that donut during the Home Run Derby can always make me smile. 

But watching the big fella mash some cowhide and not even have to waste his time/energy rounding the bases makes me soul beam. I don't know if Bour did this was because it was some sort of Split Squad game or because the Japanese revere the world's biggest athletes as Sumo Gods.  But I don't care either. If the phrase Big In Japan is true for even average sized Americans, Bour is MASSIVE in Japan which means he gets to play by Wiffle Ball rules if he wants to as well as having it culturally acceptable to walk around in a robe more often than not.

So keep living the dream Bourtobello Crushroom and we hope to see you back in The Show next season if you ever want to come back to The States.

h/t Alex