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I Love The Pats StarWars Logo



Fastcocreate – John Raya, a designer who lovingly reimagined every NFL team’s logo and helmet on his way to re-branding them all for the Star Wars universe. The project maintains each team’s color scheme and basic visual identity.In either case, though, poring over the images should help pass the time for the specific type of nerd whose Venn-diagram of interests includes both professional football and Star Wars until the start of next year’s NFL season, which’ll in turn bring us five months closer to Star Wars: Episode VII.

Yes 1,000 times yes! This has to be the Pats new logo. It has to be. I mean image the Dark Lord on our helmets? That’s just the momentum change we need around here. Get back to our roots. Just a constant reminder to the rest of the NFL that the outcome is beyond their control. That the Dark Lord is smarter, more devious, more ruthless than you. It’s perfect. I need this as a tshirt. Somebody please make this a tshirt! God I’m begging you to make this a tshirt!

Jesus that was fast!  Thank you Jesus!  Thank you!  Where do I buy them?  Oh here?   Praise the lord!